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Walk of yogin [Jul. 27th, 2010|11:27 am]
Roman Dolya wrote a great book: "Art of joy - 108 meditation techniques". It is meant for people who are either embarking on their Path or only thinking about it. The material is drawn from a fairly wide range of knowledge: tibetan tantra; vedanta; esoteric christianity; raja, hatha & kundalini yoga; Gurjiev, Osho, Milarepa, Yehoshua (Jesus), Krishna et al.

One of techniques is called "walk of the yogin" - it explains how to walk effortlessly.
I tried it today and, to my surprise, noticed that my current posture and walk is very similar to walk of the yogin. The only difference was in foot placement. Indeed, walk of the yogin releases tension from the body and creates a kind of "gliding" motion.

It may be hard to learn at first... you might feel clumsy and uncomfortable... but the rewards you reap in the end are truly sensational.