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July 22nd, 2010 - Welcome to realm of iameug! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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July 22nd, 2010

Come on, what's next?? [Jul. 22nd, 2010|02:15 pm]
I will post separately about my trip to Barcelona, which was just incredible.

This time I will only talk about unexpected consequences of that journey.
On last day of my trip we had a very strong sacrificial ritual. I.e., we exchanged an object for something that we wanted to purge from us. This object had to be dear to us and present with us on that day. I will not say any more about this ritual, but I will mention that at the end of it we were told that if our exchanged object was not enough, expect more "sacrifices"...

Well, here they go:

1) On my way back from Spain, the airline lost my luggage. It just didn't come at all. I filed an inquiry and was told that if/when luggage would be found, I will receive a call.
So next day I sit by my phone all day, and nothing happens... Then I come home, and voila: luggage is sitting by my porch. Wow!

2) Past Sunday central A/C in my house broke (it was pumping air, which wasn't cold anymore). So, while A/C was "working", temperature gradually INCREASED. If you know what it's like to live in 35-40 centigrade heat with 100% humidity, you will understand why we weren't happy to live without A/C. Compared to such weather conditions, Barcelona summers (30-33 degree temperature and low humidity) seemed chilly.

While waiting for technician to fix A/C (who came 2 days later), we had to live somewhere else.

3) Next day after A/C breakage my cellphone device stopped working (well, it works, but display is blank - I can't see anything). Luckily, my sister found an old phone that we activated with my cell number, so at least I can still receive and place calls. It's not a fix, but it's OK as a temporary solution.

Next day technician came to fix our A/C, which he did. So, we "moved back" to our house to live.
4) The next day, however, A/C broke again (now it doesn't pump air at all, so we can't even ventilate).
5) The same day our washing machine (for laundry) broke. Luckily, we could fix it quickly by ourselves.

Technician will come tomorrow to fix A/C. We are eagerly waiting...

Do you notice a trend here? :)
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